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Approved Process Source - rev 10/1/01

(a) Certain processes are required to be performed by sources that have been surveyed and approved. The processes that must be performed by an approved processor are listed in the Supplier Quality Management Approved Processors List (D1-4426). A list of the approved processors is available from Boeing's authorized purchasing representative or at http://www.boeingsupplier.com/d14426/. Processors not listed in the Approved Processors List must be surveyed and approved prior to performance of the process. Requests for processor surveys will be submitted to Boeing's authorized purchasing representative.

Seller shall submit a Supplier Certificate of Conformance form or its own equivalent process certificate. The certificate will include all approved process specifications and descriptions incorporated into this purchase order/contract and list the names and addresses of the processors that were used by Seller and its subcontractors. Part numbers and this purchase order/contract number will also be listed on the certificate.

(c) Seller will insert the substance of this clause, including this sentence, in all lower-tier sub- contracts for work done under this purchase order/contract.

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