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Boeing's Review of Manufacturing Controls for Pyrotechnic Devices - rev 10/1/01

For each production lot of each pyrotechnic device furnished under this contract, Seller shall make provisions for the following reviews by Boeing:

(a) Baseline Review (Phase I). Seller shall begin fabrication of detail parts for a pyrotechnic device only after Boeing has established a hardware baseline for such device. The hardware baseline will be established through Boeing's review, at Boeing's plant, of Seller's drawings, specifications, and related procurement, fabrication, processing, test, and quality control procedures, as required by Boeing's Procurement Data Requirements Document (PDRD) QA15A, "Pyrotechnic Data," as incorporated in this contract. For a previously qualified device, Boeing will accomplish this review five weeks after placement of this contract. For an unqualified device, Boeing will accomplish this review after Critical Design Review.
(b) Production Review (Phase II). Seller shall secure specific authorization from Boeing prior to the explosive loading of any device. Seller shall give Boeing at least two weeks prior notification, in writing, of the date on which explosive loading is scheduled to begin. Boeing will send a review team to Seller's manufacturing facility for an on-site verification of Seller's implementation of quality-system and hardware-baseline requirements, and for a detailed correlation review of associated drawings, specifications, tooling, equipment, facilities, procedures, manufacturing environments, and personnel qualifications.
(c) Lot Certification Review (Phase III). Seller shall secure specific authorization from Boeing before shipping pyrotechnic devices under this contract. When Boeing, at Boeing's plant, determines that Seller's X-Ray and N-Ray films and associated data indicate an acceptable lot of pyrotechnic devices, Boeing will send a lot-certification review team to Seller's manufacturing facility. Boeing's review team will perform an in-depth verification of Seller's supporting documentation and data required by Boeing's PDRD QA15A.

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