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This section of the Form DAC 26-730 has been completely revised to improve its usefulness to Sellers. Standard clauses which Boeing employs in its solicitations and purchase orders/contracts have been grouped in categories which reflect particular subject matter areas. All clauses have been given new identification numbers (4 or 5 digits instead of the old 3 digit format). In Part A of this section, the categories with their related subject areas are arranged in numerical sequence. Thus, Part A functions as a table of contents for Part B. In Part B, you will find the full text of each standard clause.

Clauses in Part B may refer the Seller to additional information shown on the solicitation or purchase order/contract. In these cases, the "variable" data relevant to the clause will be printed on the solicitation or purchase order/contract and the clause to which it relates will be indicated.

The clauses in Part B may incorporate by reference other forms found elsewhere in this Form DAC 26-730. See the Index at Section VII to locate the various forms incorporated in a particular transaction.

Boeing management may determine at any time that a standard clause listed in Form DAC 26-730 is no longer appropriate for transactions. Such clauses will be declared obsolete in the automated system, precluding their further use. In such cases the text of the obsolete clause may not be removed until a general revision of Form DAC 26-730 is necessary.

"Non-standard clauses" (i.e., clauses not provided in the Form DAC 26-730) are sometimes prepared for the circumstances of particular transactions. These clauses will not appear in Part B. Instead, they will be printed in full text on the solicitation or purchase order/contract. Non-standard clauses are typically characterized by a "9" in the third position of the clause number (i.e., XX9X). The first two digits will identify the subject matter area just as with standard clauses.

For Sellers familiar with the clause numbering system in effect prior to this edition of the Form DAC 26-730, a cross-reference index from old to new clause numbers has been provided at Part C. Old clauses which show a "deleted" status will not be used for purchase orders/contracts placed after the effective date of this Form DAC 26-730. Decisions to delete former clauses were based on obsolescence or substantial revision meriting establishment of a new clause number.

Apart from clauses, narrative text on the solicitation or purchase order/contract may provide additional information for specific transactions. This may be accomplished on the face of the document or by way of an attachment to the document.


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